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posted: 05-26-17 | by: alexis


Cynthia (Cindy) Tolan, an attorney with more than 15 years experience in estate and trust administration, estate planning, and elder law, has joined the ATG Trust Company as trust officer. 


posted: 04-27-17 | by: alexis

If you receive ATG Trust statements in the mail, you may have noticed something new in your envelope.

posted: 04-27-17 | by: alexis

The Quarterly Economic Outlook begins with a spotlight on corporate tax reform. With the  Republican Party controlling both houses of Congress and the White House, broad-based corporate tax reform if looking like a serious possibility for the first time since the Tax Reform of 1986 during the Reagan Administration. There are several plans being discussed, but the overall direction appears to be a reduction in the proportion of corporate profits subjected to federal taxes. 

posted: 04-27-17 | by: alexis

More and more financial institutions are not willing to accept the power of attorney (POA) you draft as part of an overall estate plan. They instead insist that the principal use their own internal POA form. 

posted: 09-27-16 | by: alexis

This month's financial market review discusses whether or not bond investors are prepared for the right risks by taking a look at long term bond yields and alternate preparations. Below is an excerpt from the article.

posted: 09-26-16 | by: alexis

This past week provided some good news for investors.

Markets rallied this week after signals that major central banks will continue current policies which promote growth, the Federal Reserve announced it would leave rates unchanged and jobless claims released looked positive.

Find retail sales figures, US producer and consumer price indices and more in our update by clicking the button below.

posted: 09-21-16 | by: alexis

Properly drafted, a Special Needs Trust (SNT) can preserve government benefits and enhance the quality of life for clients with disabilities. ATG Trust has arranged for Kirsten L. Izatt of The Estate Planning Law Group to give a presentation that will discuss key elements for successful SNT planning:

posted: 09-19-16 | by: alexis

The weekly financial market update shows a roller coaster of a week for investors.

U.S. equities opened the week with a strong performance, rallying the most in the previous two months. That rally quickly gave out on Tuesday as the S&P 500 returned to Monday morning levels; since then the week has been mostly flat. That same pattern was repeated with a run up on Thursday, then a retreat on Friday.

Read about the comments from several Federal Reserve presidents that influenced this volatility and more in our update by clicking the button below.  

posted: 09-06-16 | by: alexis

Investors held their breath last week awaiting the release of the August employment report. U.S. stocks and bond yields jumped after the weaker-than-expected employment report was released, but the gains were quickly reversed as investors reassessed the employment data's mixed signal.     

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