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The Advisor News section is dedicated to trust and estate planning attorneys. It is a place where current estate planning issues and news will be shared.

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posted: 09-20-17 | by: alexis

More than 3.5 million Americans live with an autism spectrum disorder.  Approximately 1 in 700 babies in the US is born with Down syndrome [1].

posted: 09-20-17 | by: alexis

The best way to contact a specific officer or administrator by phone is to dial their direct number.

If you have a four digit extension, simply dial 312.752.XXXX to contact the team member. Click through below to access a list of our direct dial numbers.

Get Your ATG Trust Team Member's Direct Phone Number



posted: 09-20-17 | by: alexis

It is very tempting to stick with the familiar. A preference for what feels comfortable may be even stronger for purchases involving high stakes. Our September market brief examines the hometown bias and encourages us to think investing in the unfamiliar.

Click here to read the entire September Market Brief.



posted: 08-10-17 | by: alexis

 Although it took effect in 2013, the new Illinois Directed Trust Statute (760 ILCS 16.3 and 16.7) has not been widely used. It may well be one that attorneys should seriously consider. 

posted: 06-30-17 | by: alexis


The ATG Trust Company team is proud to welcome our newest trust officer, Shannon James. Shannon has extensive experience working with clients in diverse situations. Her ability to build strong relationships with clients, family members, care managers and attorneys makes her a tremendous asset to the ATG TC team.

posted: 06-28-17 | by: alexis

The Monthly Market Review considers the question, "Is the American economy anemic or Goldilocks lite?" The review examines the 50+ years of American economic growth and contemplate the ramifications of recent evidence that the growth is rate is slowing.


Read more about these and other issues in our Monthly Market Review.

posted: 05-26-17 | by: alexis


Cynthia (Cindy) Tolan, an attorney with more than 15 years experience in estate and trust administration, estate planning, and elder law, has joined the ATG Trust Company as trust officer. 


posted: 04-27-17 | by: alexis

If you receive ATG Trust statements in the mail, you may have noticed something new in your envelope.

posted: 04-27-17 | by: alexis

The Quarterly Economic Outlook begins with a spotlight on corporate tax reform. With the  Republican Party controlling both houses of Congress and the White House, broad-based corporate tax reform if looking like a serious possibility for the first time since the Tax Reform of 1986 during the Reagan Administration. There are several plans being discussed, but the overall direction appears to be a reduction in the proportion of corporate profits subjected to federal taxes.